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JobOne’s services are essential for adults with disabilities 
who are in need of our specialized assistance.
Your contributions make our work possible.


Your generous financial donations enable us to provide programs and services that improve the quality of life for adults with disabilities in our community.  Each year, more than 300 people receive the highest quality training, vocational options, choices and opportunities for growth to help each individual reach their greatest potential.

JobOne specializes in job placement in the following areas:

This year, we are launching a new annual fundraising campaign called the Friends of JobOne. It is our hope that you will either continue your support for JobOne through this campaign, or become a new “Friend.”

Your donations will enable us to continue bringing hope and help to the lives of adults with disabilities on a daily basis. And when we help individuals we are making a big difference in our community. None of the amazing things that happen at JobOne would be possible without YOUR generosity.
Please click on the link to make a donation to show your faith and support JobOne. We assure you that every donation – no matter the amount – will help us make a difference in the lives of those we serve. We thank you in advance for your generosity and continued support of JobOne.